Website Design & Development

What should this website say? Or, How should this website work?


Why does the client need web development?

General Instructions

Follow the italicized instructions for each section below to create your own persuasive web development proposal. Do your best to limit your proposal to 4-5 pages or less, as this should be all you need to identify the client’s problem, propose your services as the solution to that problem, and help the client understand all the ways your services will benefit the client. Common client concerns are using the new functionality without compromising the rest of their website, the possibility of upgrading/changing the functionality going forward, and technical support in case there are problems; persuasive proposals will anticipate and address these concerns.

Goals and Objectives

Instructions: Use the first paragraph to identify the problem or frustration that led the prospective client to offer the web development project in the first place. Then use 3-4 bullet points to break down different services you’ll provide to help the client overcome that problem or frustration. Begin each bullet point with an “action word.” Finally, use the paragraph after the bullet points to talk about the negative consequences that will happen if the client doesn’t fix the problem.

Recommendations For Your Company

Instructions: Use this section to talk about the specific combination of services you believe will solve the client’s problem. Under each recommendation, talk about: 1) what actions you will take to execute it; and 2) how those actions will benefit the client. You can also recommend related services (like hosting or technical support) if you believe they will help the client solve their problem.

Delivering Results

Instructions: Use 3-4 bulleted sections to describe positive results your services will create for the client. Focus on major results you think the client will value the most. Spend a few lines after each result you list to 1) describe why the result is helpful to the

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